Liquitex Residency Program
Just Imagine Residency: Acrylic Ink, East Orange, New Jersey, July, 2021

Radio Free Brooklyn
Radio Free Brooklyn's inaugural podcast: Michele Carlo interviews Rebecca Major and Izabela Gola about their podcastI ART New York, 2019

Artist Registry

Royal Society of American Art (RSOAA)
Artist Registry

Copy, Translate, Repeat: Contemporary Art from the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros
Curatorial fellowship and published essay for the exhibition Copy, Translate, Repeat 2018, curated by Harper Montgomery. In conjunction with the Curatorial Certificate of Hunter College.

Alpern Photography
A portrait photo series by Bernadet Alpern, 2016

Squat Theatre

Electronic Arts Intermix, EAI:
Kate Valk of The Wooster Group presents on The Squat Theatre and discussion with former theater members, June 2019